Dodecaplayset Assembled Dodecaplayset Blue Hatch Dodecaplayset Red Clear Dome

Dodecaplayset is a more advanced children’s clubhouse.  It’s goal is to allow the children to assemble it to their liking using any number of the panel options. Snapping the pieces to a bar or themselves, this would provide a mentally stimulating and entertaining clubhouse that could take many configurations allowing the toy to adapt to the child’s imagination.

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Top Chef Knork 20pc

Top Chef Knork 20pc Packaging

The Top Chef Knork 20 piece packaging I designed combines the Top Chef colors with Knork‘s minimal style staying true to Knork‘s philosophy of clean simple lines while reflecting the Top Chef branding. The result is a finely displayed timeless flatware set unparalleled in functionality and appearance.

Top Chef Knork Flatware

Top Chef Knork Flatware

After a successful relationship using only Knork flatware for all meals served on the Top Chef television show in past seasons, Knork commissioned me to create a new flatware line specifically for Bravo to market under their Top Chef brand. Maintaining Knork‘s life long durability and patented functionality, the new line was created to cater to their upscale market.

Top Chef Knork Concept

Knork Top Chef Concept Left

This is one of the initial concept pieces, the salad fork to be specific, that I did for Knork as we began our work on the Top Chef Flatware line. Modeled to have large spaces between thin tines, the intent of this piece was to be able to easily manage large amounts of greens.

Knork 3+1 Chef’s Set

Knork 3+1 Chef's Set

Using the cutting board as a brace, the packaging is highlighted by a single piece of paper that snakes its way around and behind the cutting board, then in between the clam shell plastic that creates the illusion of the knives floating in space above the cutting board. The floating effect is completed by the final tip of the paper seen in front of the knives displaying the brand and product information. The cutting board, clam shell, paper, and knives are then contained within a clear plastic box which can be hung for display by the handle in the cutting board.

Knork Child Set

Knork Child Set

As Knork continues to expand their flatware line, I was contacted to design a card that would display the child size pieces prominently among other children’s utensil retail options with minimal waste, while retaining consistent visual style when placed alongside their existing flatware options.

Knork 6 Pack Sets

Teaspoons and Bouillon Spoons

Following the popularity of the Bouillon spoons and Teaspoons included in their other sets, Knork decided to offer these in 6 Pack sets. The accompanying images represent options that Knork was provided with. The color variations are intended to discern between the finishes available on their flatware.

Knork Flatware

Knork Flatware Packaging

Following the fun I had with Knork designing their flatware tray, I was again contacted to create packaging design, this time for their flatware line.  Needing to discern between gloss, duo, & matte finish, the designs for their 18/10 nickel flatware are similar using a hand illustrated outline of the flatware contained therein.  —  Flatware

Knork Tray Wrap

Knork Tray Wrap

After designing the flatware tray for Knork, they asked me to finish my product by designing a wrap to highlight the item’s use and other information about Knork.  Using a front to back strip, the item sets itself apart on shelves through its minimal design and vertical strip packaging.  —  Tray

Knork Flatware Tray

Knork Tray

Knork contacted me to create some mock-ups of a possible flatware tray using Photoshop.  After questioning their motives, it was established that they could get me a 3D model of each of their pieces of flatware so I could create renderings for them to use during their proposal.  Luckily, Knork and their perspective retailers were ecstatic.  Now that a design had been established, I worked alongside Knork with RapidPSI to refine the design before production. You can now purchase this item online or in house good stores.  —  Tray

Knork Flatware Tube

Knork Tube

Intended as a compact travel option to safely transport the 3 main pieces of the Knork flatware family; a place knife, place spoon, and original dinner Knork, these renderings represent their retail item offered with dishwasher safe silicone rubber top and bottom caps sealing the plastic tube.